About the company

Established in 2008, ThroughTek Co., Ltd. is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) total solution provider for cloud connection platform, originally focusing on integration of cloud connection into surveillance systems. Since 2012, ThroughTek has been applying its leading connection technology to support enterprise entry to IoT markets with the Kalay Platform.

The Kalay Platform is an end-to-end IoT solution and software service, enabling solution providers and device manufacturers to easily create their own IoT ecosystems. With an extensive partnership with OEM/ODM, technology brands, and integration support from a growing variety of SOCs, the Kalay Platform provides rapid deployment for a variety of devices. Complemented by exceptional modular features including video transmission, cloud recording, automation and data analytics, Kalay seamlessly integrates IoT managed services for products, including IP camera, appliance, consumer electronics, wearables, storage device (NAS), and set top box systems.

With a comprehensive cloud solution, ThroughTek helps enterprises build and design scalable IoT services to maximize business opportunities and enhance customer experiences. Looking forward, ThroughTek is cooperating with IC design companies, telecom operators, and home appliance manufacturers for continued implementation of vertical integration into the marketplace.


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