About the company

Private Cloud and Big Data Video Surveillance

IronYun is the next generation cloud computing and big data video search software company. We provide enterprise customers with Hyper-converged, All-in-One, private cloud computing and big data video software products. IronYun provides End-to-End private cloud computing based VSaaS solutions, developed by over 100 leading technologists and software engineers over a span of 3 years.

  • IronYun invests heavily in R&D and secures its intellectual properties alongside working hand in hand with the world’s top research universities and R&D centers.
  • Our products and its technologies are the results of over 300 man years of R&D effort at ITRI,, and subsequently at IronYun since spinning off from ITRI in May 2015.

IronYun’s Competitive Advantages


IronYun Inc.
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