About the company

Since we are young, so we innovation.
Our most important product is knowledge. The knowledge of fiber networking and microwave communications that further improve your business. Glory Tech began in 2011. Over the past years, we have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. We perceive ourselves to be a “knowledge center for communication technology”. We are continuously expanding our knowledge base. We do so through research, experiments, and cooperation with other knowledge centers and our customers.


At Glory Tech, we operate on the basis of a simple philosophy: Treat others as you want to be treated. This philosophy is reflected in the relationships between the company and all of its employees, how the employees treat each other, how we treat our customers, how we treat our suppliers, and, we hope, in our personal lives. 
The philosophy is simple in statement, but has a tremendous effect. It forces each of us to think about putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, and then treating that person as we would want to be treated in the same position. 

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