About the company

 ArcRan is a venture firm focusing on internet security and cybersecurity products. We do not comprise the information security of products, and we test every guideline with our experience. Our solution is to make sure that every node in the IOT is protected, and the safety of your product is not disappointing.

Our team has the development experience of Internet solutions and security tools :

  • APP Auto assessment platform with SSDLC
  • IOT solution:
  • Microprogrammed control unit for an electric vehicle, backend co-management platform, livestock farming, smart grid, street light, Long-term care, factory inspection, and RF signal detection for internet device and internet packet analysis.
  • The cybersecurity assessment service for IOT product scenarios
  • Introducing the secure software development lifecycle for cybersecurity products
  • Thread-safe function library: certified cybersecurity assessment kit
  • The research and development of cybersecurity assessment tool for IIOT 4, ICS, SCADA

ArcRan Co., Ltd.
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