About the company

DragonSoft was established in 2003, apart from dedication to research and development of information security software, the company also distribute more than ten cutting edge information security appliances and software brands from abroad. DragonSoft is vowed to offer a complete range of products and solutions with reasonable prices.

DragonSoft and its excellent engineering team aim to develop information security programs of internationally competitive standard. The symbolic "DragonSoft Vulnerability Management"(DVM) obtained first CVE certificate in Asia in 2004, with over 70% market share in Taiwan, the client base covers governmental, finance, academic, corporate sectors and system integrators. DragonSoft also reaches out to international market to promote multi-language DVM of English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, channel network being developed in Europe, Americas and South East Asia.

DragonSoft started to develop " DragonSoft Web Application Firewall " ( DragonWAF ) in 2007 that offers application layer host-based firewall. The main features including 18 filtration technologies against SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, Directory Traversal etc. that effectively prevent website defacement and malware intrusion.
DragonWAF operates on IIS5, IIS6, IIS7 and Apache web servers, in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese user interface. Known users such as Pizza Hut, New York Life Insurance, Automotive Research&Testing Center, Philharmonic Radio Taipei, Mayuki etc.

In order to provide excellent information security products to government and corporate, DragonSoft started to introduce international product brands since 2008. The exclusive offerings include: The DDoS Specialist Riorey, SonicWall UTM, Array"s SSL VPN and Load Balancer, Aruba"s wireless equipment, Silicon Valley"s SIEM fast grower Accelops, VM Firewall vendor Reflex.
DragonSoft expands partners" reputation by showing professionalism, trust and marketing campaigns in IT, government and academic fields, winning business deals one after another, which in term gain partner trust.

The Personal Privacy Act was passed in June 2010 that poses high standard of personal data protection on government and businesses, the maximum fine of NTD 200 million and legal charge will be penalized against breached parties. In order to help facing the challenges, DragonSoft established Personal Privacy Security Center in 2010, lead by the ex-prosecuting lawyer, the drafter of Computer Crime Chapter in Criminal Act, Simon Yeh, and his legal & security team who offer complete range of customer legal and security consulting services.

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