About the company

Yu Siang Shun is one of international fire fighting equipments manufacturer and it has the branch offices of Xiamen and Chengde. Yu Siang Shun spares no efforts to the innovation of products, and upgrades the firefighting technology to change the firefighting and rescue system.

Main of Yu Siang Shun products are fire motorcycle; DC mobile firefight system; Trolley Fire Extinguishing Device ; Porta-SEMAT Fire Fighting System. The others are Fire suit ; Fire Helmet; Fire Boots: Fire Gloves : Fire Hood ; Wireless Communication System ; Escape system. Yu Siang Shun has been granted different items of patterns for improving in firefighting equipment by many countries and gets UL CE CCC certificated. DC mobile firefight system is a foam with water mist system; it can put out A,B,C fires in 3 to 8 minutes. It can put out fire earlier; faster and smaller than before. In addition it just needs fewer water and foam than others to prevent too much water damage such as the flood or ice storm causing asset loss and people injury. Yu Siang Shun modify the large firefighting product to become small, refined, and simple operation to let everybody have ability to protect his asset and himself.

Yu Siang Shun has been persisting in the concept of Quality First and Service First . So we work very hard and win customers’ trust from everywhere. We play a decisive role in firefighting industry and a leader in the same business. You are free to contact us for more information anytime.

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