About the company

Gainwise provides best solutions to companies of whole world from Taiwan. 

Our R&D team own 2G/3G M2M engines development experience over 10 years.

GAINWISE is an solution company which is specialized in designing communication products. All our engineers have experience over 12 years in designing GSM/3G module embedded products.

The successful products include GSM FWT, GSM gateways, 3G FWT, 2G audio door station, 3G video intercom, 2G/3G Door opener, M2M, GPS vehicle tracking system and more.

We not only design and manufacture our communication products, but also provide solutions for our customers. For example Car Immobilizer with Alarm, Remote Anti-thift car alarm system, touch dimming switch system, LED strobe lamp and wireless power heated controller...etc.

GAINWISE has been recognized as the most creative company in designing.

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 designing GSM module embedded products for over 12 years

Gainwise Technology Co., Ltd.
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