About the company

Mission statement
Yoda Communications is dedicated to providing Broadband Networking equipments of the very highest quality, performance, and reliability which meet our partners requirements.
Optimal location
With its headquarter located at Science Based Industrial Park in HsinChu, Taiwan, Yoda is at the center of hi-tech hub where most of the R&D teams for Taiwan hi-tech companies are based. With two leading National Universities in the area, highly educated and talented engineers are abundant to staff our growing research and development teams.
Enjoying years of accumulated collective experience in numerous fields of Telecommunications technology equipment design and manufacturing, Yoda provides Broadband Networking Solutions, such as HDSL2, SHDSL Transmission Systems, E1/T1 LAN Gateways, Voice/Video over IP (VoIP) Gateways, WLAN Networking Routers, PowerLine, Power over Ethernet, and the new TDM over IP Media Gateways, to meet the data/voice/video applications requirements for the SOHO and SME customers.
The team
Staffed by a team of highly competent Marketing and R&D professionals with MBA & Ph.D degrees, Yoda prides itself on a very capable workforce able to operate seamlessly as a well- coordinated and efficient team. Yoda has invested heavily to ensure that the team with key competence levels in all of the right disciplines, with rapid yet highly effective R&D being the core excellence.
People, our key asset
Employees are our key asset. Yoda cares about its people, and allocates budget for outside trainings. In addition, on-job training is also a part of career development. With target oriented equity and benefits, the company always encourages employees to pursue their personal and career promotions for excellency.

2F, No. 3-1, Industry East Road 9 Science Based Industrial Park,Hsin-Chu, Taiwan 
E-mail: sales@yoda.com.tw
Tel: +886-3-563-2323