About the company

With the success of cooperation and being the major leading security solution provider in Japan and Taiwan for more than 25 years, Taiwan Shin Kong Security Co., Ltd (SKS) and Sohgo Security Co., Ltd (Alsok) decide to expand market to Thailand by cooperate with Thai Shareholders and established Thai‐SK Security international on September 2007 as a joint venture company between Thai shareholders, Taiwan Shin Kong Security Co., Ltd (SKS) and Sohgo Security Co., Ltd (Alsok) to fulfill the growing security demand in Thailand. With the integrations of solid experience and competency among partners, we believe our company will be able to provide the greater value, exceed the customer satisfaction and achieve the market leadership in every segment of Thai market.

We emphasizes on providing a reliable security system with a professional service at a reasonable price. In order to achieve high level of customer confidence and satisfaction, we will provide service to the customer step by step consequently. We design the system and recommend equipments from our customers’ requirement. Then we perform installation and customer usage training.

In pursuit of growth, we still have maintained the belief in continuous improvement focusing on reliable solution and technological excellence. We carefully select the suppliers that match our quality standard criteria.

No.128, Xing ai Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 0800-668-850