About the company

Adhering to Specialization
Sunbow focuses on designing and manufacturing Professional Security Systems, providing communication console and operation platforms to security companies. To combine its products with the progressing modern technologies and to help facilitate the security service, Sunbow closely follows the demands from market and constantly develops various professional security systems and autonomous service platforms, so as to fulfill the requirements and needs from the security companies.

Persisting in High Quality Policy
Following its high quality policy, Sunbow adopted the ISO-9000 quality standard in 1994, with a high degree of devotion to strict quality control, and became Taiwan’s first ISO-9001 certified security system manufacturer in 1995, and has been developing fine security systems based on its high quality reputation since then.

Retaining Technology Lead
Our products are highly reliable and possessing broad expandability and adaptability to various environments. Two routings with automatic switching between leased lines and phone lines in the 90’s. Four routings with automatic switching between leased lines/phone lines/GSM/ADSL in the 2000’s. Six routings between leased lines/phone lines/GSM/ADSL/GPRS/3GS in the 2010’s.

Major Security Company as Customers
As in the sector of professional security systems, our customers includes Shin Kong Security, Dragon Security, Evergreen Security, Everspring Security, Jih Sun Security, Liang Fu security, Con Tai Security, Yi Shen Security, G4S Security, TO KAI Security, Bens Security, Hwa Kang Security, Chi Jiang Security, Hwa Shinn Security, B&F Security…etc.

Service and Customer Protection
24H Standby Service in Taiwan
Protected by 5 Million Dollars of Product Liability Insurance


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